HolidayInHomestay is Creating the Legacy of Homestay in Shimla

Holiday In Homestay in Shimla is an excellent serviced apartment in Shimla with luxury and comfort. HNH provides a cultural exchange to enhance the experience of a traveler.

HolidayInHomestay is Creating the Legacy of Homestay in Shimla

Homestay innovation in India seen in latest years as travelers look through distinctive experiences to connect with the local culture. Though staying in a comfortable and secure place is always the primary concern of our traveling. We try to choose the best hotels in Shimla to feel more vibe of the surroundings.ut, it gets boring if the hotel's room is not well maintained and doesn't have the value for money thing.

That's why HolidayInHomestay initiated step to create a group of luxurious homestays in Shimla with every possible facility. HNH provides a cultural exchange chance to enhance the experience of a traveler in a new town or location.

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Evolving Trends with Affordable Luxuries


The developments in the sector have altered since travel agents now prefer to book homes for travelers than standard hotels. But the success of online platforms has turned the ball game altogether. The expanse of listings on these portals has allowed travelers to pick a house of their choice and experience a city beyond rigid itineraries.


One of the growing platforms is the Shimla based with more than 18 homestay options across Shimla. The platform connects travelers for a unique stay experience and has already tied up with five state tourism boards to promote the concept.

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Filtering the Room crunch situation


The locations around the town packed every long weekend and the hoteliers who do not receive last-minute reservations. Holiday In Homestay made a conscious effort to look into the room crunch situation as supply becomes a significant constraint for tourism in the Shimla. The building of hotels takes time and investment while creating a homestay becomes an economy enabler.


Serviced Apartments in Shimla initiates with a vision of serving better on every step. The host mention that it's a beautiful feeling of meeting different people from various parts of the country and getting a chance to host them as our guests. They go and collect them from nearby areas, so they don't have trouble finding the place. There is home-cooked food in the morning and comfortable spaces like the lounge and open garden to enjoy the serenity of the site.


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Offering Exclusive and Personalized Experience


Once you've stayed in our Homestays Shimla, hotels feel like mass-produced clothes while homestays feel like limited-edition designer outfits. HNH always have something exclusive to offer, while hotels are, more or less, all the same for a given budget range. Moreover, they lack the customization that our property can provide. Add to that the liberty one can take to brew up a cup of tea or make a midnight snack in the kitchen. So for those who fancy exclusivity, HNH offers a more authentic personalized experience.

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Always Providing Good Company, Even While Travelling Solo


For those who travel solo, HNH is the best travel decision they can ever take. It helps to have some company and conversations after spending the day exploring the town solo. Instead of heading to an empty hotel room, you would instead go home to someone waiting for you at the dinner table. Get the best you deserve!

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HolidayinHomestay is building up an excellent serviced apartment in Shimla with impeccable luxury and comfort.


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